The Metro Living Room

Colourful and sometimes mosaic patterned painted tiles are commonly seen lining the living room floor of older Taiwanese homes. Often depicting flowers and birds or patterns of auspicious blessings, the patterned tiles symbolize the homeowner’s hospitality and goodwill to his or her guests.

The tile pattern on the ground depicts the chameleon plant / bishop’s weed (Houttuynia cordata) and the pipewort (Eriocaulon buergerianum), both native to Taiwan. Farmers often consume Bishop’s Weed in soups or with rice, while the small pipewort adorns the home in clusters both as decor and as symbols of prosperity, goodwill, and harmony.

Metro Square is like a warm living room housed in the hearts of every guest and visitor, always waiting in the same old place and ready to welcome the same old friends. Metro Square will always accompany you, host reunions of family and friends, witness emotional exchanges, the creation of new memories, and be there to say to you “Welcome Home”.

We Began
at 1997

Making a difference in Service & Quality

On August 24th, 1997, Metro Square opened in the City of Markham. It would later earn the nickname of “Little Taipei”.

  • Metro Square is located near IBM at the junction of the industrial and residential area; it is a mall with diverse services and stores.
  • Located at the intersection of Steeles & Warden and with Highway 404 close by, it is easily accessible by the public.
  • The elegant exterior and spacious interior of Metro Square was designed by Taiwanese Canadian architect Ron Hsieh.
  • The first floor is mainly filled with stores, with many of them being restaurants
    that operate 24/7.
  • The second floor is filled with businesses in the service industry such as financial services, travel agencies, medical clinic, learning centres, The Cross-Cultural Community Service Association, etc.
  • The third floor is filled with offices such as lawyers, insurance companies, credit unions, real estate companies, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Other than property management, Metro Square also often holds events that closely engage its communities.

As more and more immigrants from different cultural communities arrive in Canada, ethnic Chinese have to move forward, adapting to the changing environment. One of Metro Square’s beliefs is to include community service and cultural exchange as part the core values of operating a mall.  Some of the associations that are currently engaged in this principle include The Cross-Cultural Community Service Association, Taiwanese Canadian Community Service Association as well as Asian-Canadian Special Events Association which recently joined in 2018.

The Metro Square management team often actively looks into different ways to assist businesses in the mall to strengthen their operating strategies. For example, Metro Square invited Taiwanese consultant Peng Xue Huang to train its employees, encouraging employees to become lifelong learners.

In 2002 Metro Square issued its 5th anniversary magazine

In 2007 Metro Square issued its 10th anniversary magazine

In 2017, as a way to thank the community and businesses that has supported Metro Square and as a part of its 20th anniversary celebration, Legend Lin Dance Theatre was invited to show their documentary “The Walkers”.

Looking back into the past, Metro Square has opened for over 7000 days. Starting from scratch, the Metro Square management team and its businesses built the mall step by step; through excellent customer services creating a lasting relationship with community members.

Looking forward into the future, the Metro Square management team will continue to operate with its core value, and follow the spirit of the “The Walkers” – creating a place where life, business, culture, and charity all come together as one.

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