MetroSquare - The Metro Living Room

Colourful and sometimes mosaic patterned painted tiles are commonly seen lining the living room floor of older Taiwanese homes. Often depicting flowers and birds or patterns of auspicious blessings, the patterned tiles symbolize the homeowner’s hospitality and goodwill to his or her guests.

The tile pattern on the ground depicts the chameleon plant / bishop’s weed (Houttuynia cordata) and the pipewort (Eriocaulon buergerianum), both native to Taiwan. Farmers often consume Bishop’s Weed in soups or with rice, while the small pipewort adorns the home in clusters both as decor and as symbols of prosperity, goodwill, and harmony.

Metro Square is like a warm living room housed in the hearts of every guest and visitor, always waiting in the same old place and ready to welcome the same old friends. Metro Square will always accompany you, host reunions of family and friends, witness emotional exchanges, the creation of new memories, and be there to say to you “Welcome Home”



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