Paint-by-Number Specialty Store
May 6 Grand Opening

Paint-by-Number is an art activity that is suitable for all ages. The picture is divided into shapes, just follow the code where is marked with a number which matches to a specific colour, and watch your painting emerge to reveal a masterpiece!

Paint-by-Number Specialty Store will be officially opened on May 6th, 2019 at Metro Square. A large number of stocks will be sold at clearance prices. There are many types of pictures, including: landscapes, buildings, figures, cartoons, animals, festivals, Chinese and foreign paintings.

Big painting: clearance price $30 (original price $45)

Oil Painting: Clearance price $20 (original price $30)

Small painting: clearance price $5 (original price $10)

Paint-by-Number Specialty Store

Address: Suite 157, Metro Square Mall, 3636 Steeles Ave E., Markham, ON (Next to Metro Square Café Restaurant )
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 11am – 3pm
Inquiry: 647.818.2535

To view online catalog, please click here.

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