JVK Optical

A clear view into a whole different world

Walk into JVK Optical, and you’ll see the bright, clean and chic atmosphere of a modern Optical store. Jackson and Eva both smile as soon as you step into the store. Although quiet at first, once we unravel their love for glasses, history, and traveling, the conversation opens up.

Many long time customers have stayed with this couple, ever since moving from their old store to Metro Square. From middle age to retirement, from when their daughter was in university to getting married; these customers have become their friends, and can chat about anything. However, the couple chats with their friends the most about travelling. Their favourite destination is Cuba and they even have a customer who has been to Cuba nine times, always talking about the experiences they have there. Another hobby that Jackson and Eva share is indulging in good wine and good food. Braised beef paired with red wine, seafood paired with white wine, they have an appreciation for matching these two hobbies together. Jackson also enjoys reading about history and going to museums. He has even made the journey to see British museums, Paris’ Louvre, and even the National Palace Museum!

To Jackson and Eva, their understanding of their friends’ needs is something that they would like to do for all customers. “In addition to giving our customers the best service for buying and selecting glasses, we also repair glasses, which is something that many stores don’t do anymore,” shares Jackson, “but we’re still very willing to do it!”

Large franchised stores aim to sell their own brands, but JVK will tailor each service and experience to each unique customer, not just promoting their own products. Jackson relates the service to his own experience with wine. Though he now has a taste for fine wine, his first experience drinking red wine began with higher priced vintages. After understanding how to taste wine, he began to select it based on quality and texture, not thinking about the price that it had been given. Selecting glasses is a similar process; many Japanese and European frames are not well known brands, but their handmade craftsmanship and their selection of materials are very unique. JVK aims at selecting a pair of frames that suit the customer’s needs; in the process discovering secret treasures that you would not find at a large store.

Put on the glasses. Now what do you see?

At JVK optical, you can clearly see one of the kindest hearts or you can find a trend that suits your personality. You can even travel through time to the Qing dynasty and learn more about Yongzheng Emperor, or chat about red wine, travel, and a different way to enjoy a vacation in Cuba.

Walk inside and have a chat. You’ll get a ‘clear view’ into a whole different world!

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