January Charity Community
Rummage Sale

January 20 - 25, 2020

Stepping into the new decade, Metro Square Charity Sale will continue to spread more love in the world. Big thanks to TCCSA for joining us as the co-organizer for the January Community Rummage Sale. The net proceeds of this charity event will be donated to Camphill Foundation Canada – a public foundation with a mission to serve children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Please come and support this meaningful event by purchasing from our charity booth or donating items to the booth. You can also join our volunteer team to help out in the charity sale. For inquiry, please call 647-784-8858/ 647-883-7879.

Date:January 20 to 25, 2020

Time:11am – 3pm

Venue:Metro Square Mall lobby

Beneficiary:Camphill Foundation Canada

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