Chinese Dumpling House

A cooking craft from the Chinese province of Shenyang

Can you still taste the memories of home, after coming to Canada?

Chinese Dumpling House’s owners have been in Metro Square for 15 years, where they’ve made many friends, who have also become their mentors. Reminiscing on the days when they first opened the restaurant, customers would always say “There’s no rush, we can wait!” The tremendous support they received when they were just beginning their business fueled them to work even harder. They have accumulated numerous stories, and served many foodies at their restaurant over the years. Insisting on keeping the traditional flavours of home, they’ve created a dish that they are sure you would not be able to resist! Looking through the menu, you’ll see that there are lots of recommended items. It may be hard to choose, but when these dishes are placed on your table, you won’t be able to resist stopping at just one bite!

Their handmade dumpling skins, filled with a special meat filling, are wrapped together; arriving at your table freshly steamed and hot. Next, order their fragrant green onion pancakes! Their chewy dough, made by utilizing a specialized technique of using cold water, is folded over layers of green onions to create a delicacy that is not to be missed. Another dish that is a must try is sweet, sour and has a crispy outer skin.  If you were thinking of “Sweet and Sour Pork” you’re right! Did you know that it is actually a traditional Chinese dish? The slight sourness, with a hint of sweetness, creates a flavor that cannot be created at home. Lastly, order a bowl of hot and sour soup that has just the right amount of sour and spice. When all these dishes are on your table, just try and resist this authentic North Chinese taste!

This couple are not only business partners at Metro Square, but they are also each other’s support. Through happy times, and frustrating times, they’ve learned from their failures and had many successes. With their values of working hard and standing fast, they hope that any guest that comes to Chinese Dumpling House will be able to enjoy the traditional tastes of Northern China, and to leave happy and satisfied.

Has their tender story touched your heart?

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